With the School of the Year points tallied in we finished 20th in the nation!  We have had a great season and are eagerly awaiting next years!  To check out how we matched up to other schools this season click on the link below.  We want to thank all of our sponsors who have made the 2013/2014 season a success!

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Would like to thank KY aField (Fish & Wildlife) for giving some of our members a great opertunity yesterday night.  Select members of the University of Louisville Bass Fishing Team got the opertunity to answer phones for the KY Fish and Wlidlife 2014 fishing call in show with Ky Afield.  The members who were able to help out at this event were broadcasted on television and got to meet Tim Farmer along with lots of the other KY FIsh & Wildlife members.  It was a great experience and we are very fortunate to have KY Fish & Wildlife as one of our sponsors, we look forward to doing more work for you guys in the future!  Thanks in advance for Tim Farmer and all of the crew, it was a pleasure meeting all of you, It was a pleasure being part of the program!

Pictured Left-Right

Jeff Endley, Jeremiah Duvall, (Tim Farmer), Austin Wilson, Jacob Meadows & Ian Hughlett rsz_1louisville_bass_fishing_kentucky_afield_2014_1.jpg

Tournament Trail

tt150lbf.jpgThe heart of our 2014 season is under way!  We have 3 tournaments  under our belts now and are awaiting a trip to Pickwick Lake on the 22nd of May.  We are sending three boats to this tournament and hoping to have some major success! The members of the team that will be representing UofL for the championship are Scott Davis,Wade Brown, Jeff Endley, Jacob Meadows, Jeremiah Duvall & Ian Hughlett.  Stay tuned  for updates, scheduale and results here in the "Tournament Trail"
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L-Raisin' Anglers sign with Solar Bat Sunglasses

Posted by cardinal on February 6, 2013

solarBat_logo95.pngThe L-Raisin’ Anglers have been fortunate enough to sign a sponsorship agreement with Solar Bat Performance Sunglasses for the 2013 season. . 

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ICAST 2012 Recap

Posted by cardinal on July 18, 2012

Last week team member Scott Davis had an opportunity to fly down to ICAST with the guys at Stick Jacket fishing rod covers.  While he was there he got the chance to take a look at all of the exciting new products that are going to be hitting the market this season.

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Keeping Five Alive

Posted by cardinal on April 4, 2012

Real-life experience helped spark the idea for the new Fish Guardian, a patent-pending accessory that may make tournament fishing easier, more productive and more profitable by facilitating the distribution of livewell additives to help decrease fish mortality.

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